We help Oklahoma businesses put their best foot forward every day through comprehensive cleaning solutions. 


Empowering Business to Focus on Business.

We are the invisible link that helps businesses grow and succeed.

We know that by being in the background and keeping your work environment clean, we can empower your business to be its best. 


Spaces We Clean.

We clean some of Oklahoma's premier:

- Commercial Office Spaces
- Medical Offices
- Clinical Outpatient Buildings
- Fitness Centers
- Retail Spaces
- Event Centers

Contact us today so we can work with you to develop a plan to clean your facilities.


Clean. Day After Day.

Our employees are passionate about providing detail-oriented service and making your workplace shine. The best janitorial service is one you don’t think about – because there’s no mess.

Your offices are simply clean, every day you need them. 


Oklahoma Proud.

When you work with Sirius Janitorial, you’re working with people who live, work, and love being in Oklahoma.

We believe in giving our clients an out clause because our daily results speak for themselves.

We want you to want to work with us because you enjoy the daily cleanliness we bring to your facilities.


Long-Tenured Employees.

The janitorial space is one with frequent employee turnover. We fix that through our unique structure and retention program which allows us to acquire and retain the most talented cleaning professionals who provide you with the highest quality service.

Each office has a Sirius crew assigned to it, and they learn the ins and outs of keeping it clean through being there daily. If we want to move people to a different office, we’ll let you know and introduce you to your new janitor.


Experience Tending to the Details.

Our head of operations has been providing excellent service to Oklahoma businesses for over a decade, and works with all of our employees to ensure the highest quality cleaning.  Our employees pull from a deep well of experience cleaning office spaces, medical centers, rehab facilities and more.

We don’t believe in surface-level cleaning and checking a box on the daily checklist. We’re serious about providing excellent cleaning services every day.

Custom Solutions for You.

Each business has unique facility cleaning needs, so we build a custom solution for each one. We can customize  how many days a week we’re at your location, which cleanliness regulations we can adhere to, whether you need additional services like laundry, and more.

We’ll come walk your property with you to assess how we can best help keep it clean.